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The pricing

First check the DG2 license to see if its free for you to download. If it is free for you, you could always donate!

The download license costs per site are as follows:

50 pounds sterling ($89 US or EURO) for 1-99 computers per unix-like server
75 pounds sterling ($130 US or EURO) for 100-249 computers per unix-like server
100 pounds sterling ($165 US or EURO) for 250-499 computers per unix-like server
125 pounds sterling ($210 US or EURO) for 500-999 computers per unix-like server
150 pounds sterling ($250 US or EURO) for 1000+ computers per unix-like server
200 pounds sterling ($330 US or EURO) for 1000+ computers and up to 25 unix-like servers
300 pounds sterling ($490 US or EURO) for solution providers (unlimited users, servers and sites - For use by an organisation which sells a solution based on DansGuardian to end users.)
POA pounds sterling for solution distributors (unlimited users, servers, sites and solution providers - For use by an organisation which sells a solution based on DansGuardian to resellers or solution providers. An example is an appliance manufacturer.)

The upgrade between number of computers is the difference. For example to upgrade from a 99 computer license to a 249 computer license it will cost 25ukp.

These payments are a one-off. There are no re-occurring charges for the same major version. A licence for DansGuardian 2 is for any revision of 2.

We are not Value Added Tax registered as the revenue is too small so there is no VAT to pay within the EU. The EURO prices are the same as USD.

Computers with multiple processors and/or operating systems count as 1 computer.

This licensing is concurrent licensing. I.e. for 50ukp you may have up to 99 computers using the DansGuardian unix-like server for web access at the same time. If you expect to ever overstep the number of licenses, you must upgrade the download license if you want to download further copies.

Please note: If the 1000+ user 1 server license was bought on or before the 1st March 2002 then you actually have the solution provider license.

Remember that I will lose nearly half the money to UK tax as it counts as wages on top of what I am currently earning. I am doing this totally within UK law to the best of my knowledge.

Delayed payment of the invoice will automatically disqualify you for support on the mailing list as well as any upgrades or downloads until the invoice is paid.

How to pay

PayPal - see the PayPal buying page.

What you will get

By paying for a download license for DansGuardian you will get:

  • A nice warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you are supporting Open Source development and so all humanity.
  • License (i.e. permission) to download DansGuardian 2. Proof of purchase (your recept from PayPal) grants you the permission - you will recieve no further documentation.
  • Free public non-commercial support via the mailing list.
  • Free upgrades as they become available.
By paying for a download license for DansGuardian you will not get:
  • A guarantee of anything from me.
  • Commercial support.
  • DansGuardian on any physical media.
  • Printed documentation.

Commercial Support

There is no commercial support available.
If you require commercial support, then consider


All prices and terms are subject to change. All rights reserved.

Page last modified: 17 July 2014 13:48:17
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