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DansGuardian 2 - the summary

DansGuardian 2 is:

  • licensed under the GPL version 2 with permission to link to OpenSSL
  • Open Source
  • Free Software where 'Free' means Freedom
  • freely (no cost) downloadable from this site for non-commercial use
  • freely (no cost) downloadable from this site for general purpose unix distributions like FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc
  • not freely downloadable from this site for installation by 3rd parties charging for installation or support
  • not freely downloadable from this site for commercial use
  • a registered trade mark of Daniel Barron
  • copyright Daniel Barron

DansGuardian 2 - download from this site restrictions for commercial use

For all non-commercial[1] use you are free, without cost, allowed to download DansGuardian from this site.

For all commercial[2] use permission to download DansGuardian from this website is restricted.

The restrictions on the downloading for commercial use from this site are that you may only download it once for free. This will enable you to try out the software before making a decision to purchase a commercial licence to download it. In order to download updates, bug fixes, etc, from this site you must purchase a download licence. Once you have a copy of the software there are no restrictions on use commercial or otherwise. It is purely GPL software. You can download or obtain DansGuardian from many sources and I place no restriction on those. It is only the downloading from this site that is restricted.

DansGuardian 2 - support

For all support use the mailing list. There is no commercial support available, however, see the pricing page for some options.

DansGuardian 2 - re-licensing

As the copyright holder, I am entitled to release DansGuardian 2 under any licence that I choose. I have chosen to release DansGuardian 2 to most people under the GPL version 2 with permission to link with OpenSSL..

DansGuardian 2 - consultancy

There are currently no consultancy options. If you require this please try the mailing list.

DansGuardian 2 - warranty

There is no warranty for DansGuardian 2.

DansGuardian 2 - contributions

All contributions from other authors are vetted and incorporated by the maintainer. All contributors automatically hand over all copyright to Daniel Barron. What contributors get in return is fame, the feature they want, the bug they fixed incorporated, and a warm fuzzy feeling that they are also helping others who get the software for free.
Downloads available from the Extras page are excluded from this clause.
Contributions will be licensed under the licence that DansGuardian is licensed under once incorporated.


[1] Non-Commercial Use: Includes home users, installation and use by educational establishment employees, and other non-profit making organisations such as charities, social clubs, government establishments, etc. Also includes unix-like general purpose distributions like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, etc

[2] Commercial Use: Use (running, selling, installing for a charge, installing as part of a service, developing further and selling, using as part of a product) by any commercial or non-commercial organisation. Commercial use specifically excludes use (running and installing) by educational establishments and others listed under non-commercial use. Commercial use specifically excludes the act of selling DansGuardian 2 as part of an unix-like OS distribution by companies such as RedHat or Mandrake or their resellers.

Licence FAQs

I wish to distribute the software on any medium for free or a charge - can I?
Yes, the GPL specifically allows this. Also I grant you the privilege of downloading a copy of DansGuardian for free for this purpose. However, I would prefer that copies of DansGuardian only be downloadable from this site or its mirror(s).

I am confused as to if I can download DansGuardian 2; my situation is xxx.
Use this table to help you:

Situation Can I download it for free with no charge from this website?
I am employed by an educational establishment. Yes.
I want it for personal use. Yes.
I want to install it as an IT volunteer for a non-commercial organisation. Yes.
I want to make it part of a unix-like distribution such as RedHat. Yes.
I want to try it out for potential commercial use. Yes, but only once.
I want to use it commercially[2]. No, you must buy a download licence.
I want to incorporate it into our product or solution. No, you must buy a solution provider download licence.
I want to install it for a charge. No, you must buy a download licence.
I want to use it for our employees but we sell Tofu products not internet services. No, you must buy a download licence.
I have bought an appropriately sized download licence. Yes.
I am one of the officially appointed beta testers or a programming contributor. Yes - of course!
I want to mirror the program or make it available to download from a different site. Yes, but I would prefer you did not.

We want to use DansGuardian as part of our commercial firewall, can we download it?
This page says you are entitled to 1 download only to try out for commercial use. It then says for incorporating DansGuardian into a product, you must purchase a solution provider download licence if you wish to download it again from this site.
You will see on the pricing page that a solution provider download licence is currently 300 pounds sterling.
The licence the code is under is GPL which means that you will be legally required to release the source code of any software you write using DansGuardian. This, again, is already explained.

With a commerical solution provider licence, am I allowed to change the name of the product for my customer base to see and am I compelled to release any changes as GPL?
You are correct under both accounts. The use of the name is optional, however you have to provide the source code of any GPL based application. If your modification is simply providing a front end and changing the config files for your server then you only need to provide the source to the original DansGuardian which can be done with a simple link to this web site.
If you really want to hide the name DansGuardian as much as possible, then simply have a link to an archive that is just labeled as 'the source code for the GPLed part of this product'. The GPL states that you have to credit the original authors, but this would be enough as the text files in the archive already do this.

So, if Debian puts DG on their website, they have to restrict downloads to non commercial users, right?
No, not right. Once you have a copy of a GPL app, no one can put any (non-GPL) restrictions on it - not even me the author. I can ask people to pay for downloading DG, but once it has left this site it is under the GPL which means it is Free (as in freedom) and free (as in beer - provided they want to give it away for free).
GPL means GPL which means no restrictions can be imposed on redistribution so the Debian would treat it as any other GPL app. Of course, should a commercial user want to upgrade his copy of DG he got with Debian by downloading from my site, he would have to pay unless he waited for Debian to release their version.
But I am unsure of how a commercial user could sleep at night making illegal downloads from my site and profiting from my years work.

Can I download DansGuardian from someone else's website and not have to pay you?

All rights reserved.

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